Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Improve Memory With Puzzles -Memory Training

At one time, doctors and scientists agreed that we are given all the brain cells we will ever have at birth. Thankfully, scientific studies have shown that we can produce new brain cells all throughout our lives.
While it is true that some of the connections between our brain cells can get weaker or even shut down completely, it has been proven that weak connections can become stronger and new connections can be created. To help increase brain power, a set of brain puzzles is a very useful tool.
Brain puzzles help the memory by forcing you to use parts of the brain you do not use as frequently. You may have noticed that when you were at school, it was easy to remember the math facts and spelling words. Several years or decades after learning them though, a bit more thought has to go into remembering these things. In school, we had to keep these bits of information at the ready in our brain almost all of the time. But after graduation, we started to rely on dictionaries, thesauruses and calculators to do the hard work for us and slowly our brain began to atrophy.
The brain may not be a true muscle but it should be exercised like one. It is one thing for a person not to be physically strong. When you are mentally not strong, however, your quality of life is naturally much lower than it could, or should be. Once dementia sets in and begins to take hold of your life, there is not much you can do. Nevertheless, scientific study has proven that to begin with, brain puzzles are a good line of defense against dementia setting in.
While it is true that a good healthy diet, exercise and some supplements will help the brain to some degree, none have been proven as effective as brain puzzles. As people get older, they do get better at eating vegetables and most aging people get some exercise, like taking walks around the block or golfing with their friends. Yet the most effective thing you can do for yourself is to tackle a brain puzzle.

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