Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Foods That Improve Memory - Yes They Exist Meemory Training

Did you know that there are actually foods that improve memory? It's very hard to imagine this is the case, but it is true. Studies have shown that certain ingredients in food aide in brain function and the ability to retain information. The key in these foods tends to be the ability to aide the brain in absorbing more oxygen which in turn helps your brain function at full capacity.
By consuming foods high in vitamins C and B help keep the brain healthy and prevent diseases that cause memory loss. Fresh fruits and vegetables provide high oxygen and vitamin deposits which aide in the highest possible brain function possible. Being deficient in any category can cause fogginess which in turn can cloud memory retention abilities.
The key to consuming a diet with foods that improve memory can be summed up in one word, "Balance."
Eating at least one fresh fruit a day and either eating fish once or twice a week will help tremendously. Fish, which are high in omega 3 fatty acids are vital to keeping your brain healthy and functioning at full capacity. If you simply aren't a fan of fish, which is completely fine, you will find that supplementation in pill form is often available at your local food store.
One of the most mis-understood ingredients that can help is caffeine. With just the right amount, caffeine will greatly increase not only memory retention, but also concentration. What you see and have read about energy drinks has been highly tested and actually does check out as being a good way to increase memory and concentration, but if you overdo it, you will quickly see an adverse effect.
I often find that a small red bull does wonders for my concentration, but these drinks can't be recommended for everyone as they can be expensive and not everyone enjoys the taste!
Keeping a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, combined with proper protein equal to roughly your bodyweight in any 24 hour period is highly recommended. A great habit to get into is a fresh supply of carbohydrates in the morning. I often enjoy a small amount of oatmeal, which get my body burning carbohydrates and gets my brain functioning and "waking up."
Many of these tips could double for healthy eating habits, but they do work very well! In order to have a healthy mind, you must have a healthy body and this is a great way to get started.

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