Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How to Improve Your Short Term Memory and Escape From Short Term Memory Loss Problems

Did you forget that phone number, which was very important and you knew it minutes before? You might be troubled with short-term memory loss. But there is no need to press panic button as yet, because you can train your brain to fight the shot-term memory loss, effectively.

Brain train exercises are the most efficient way to deal with woes of short-term memory loss. Short-term memory loss is one of those signs of aging, so it is necessary to guard your brain from the any discrepancies in your memory. In fact, short-term memory loss can pose a serious trouble if you do not take action once you realize that you suffer from it. It may cause confusion and stress to yourself and also people around you. Exercises specially designed to regain short-term memory will surely help you to activate those areas of your brain that were hitherto not used.

To remember lots of information at any given time you can take the help of exercises for short-term memory, it will not cost you anything at all. They are simple yet successful means to get over the short-term memory loss. Connecting things you want to remember with images makes it all easier to recall better. If you read an article or a write up try to remember the details, and write whatever you recall from what you read, it is like a revision. This practice will eventually help you in fighting short-term memory loss. The other simple way to recall is to get accustomed to the environment, observe the surroundings and after a while close your eyes and try to remember what you saw sometime back. This indeed is really fun and an interesting practice too. Additionally, you can make a lot of difference to your short-term memory that can be an effective exercise for you to add in your things-to-do list!

The other exercise for short-term memory is the peg system. Here in which you try and associate a numeral with an image in order and later use the link or the connecting method to memorize and recall in the same order. This makes it easier to remember. Or you can practice games that are available online, which will serve as exercises to improve your short-term memory. Games such as identifying faces with names when flashed randomly will stabilize your ability to remember better.

Mind mapping is another exercise to improve your short-term memory. This is a rather old method wherein you collect loads of information and write it on a paper. This method helps in acquiring and recollecting large amount of information at one go. The aforementioned exercises will successfully help in dealing with short-term memory loss. So what for you are waiting? Go ahead and practice them now.

Who else wants to double their short-term memory in a matter of a few weeks? Thousands of people have already taken advantage of the free brain games which are scientifically designed to improve memory power, cognitive skills and concentration.

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