Sunday, October 17, 2010

Memory Training - Are Your Personal Tech Toys Working Against Your Memory Training Program?

Let me ask you a question, can you give me your five closest friends phone numbers off the top your head? If I give you an ISBN of a book, can you recite and give me that number back tomorrow if you don't write it down? Can you tell me the exact recipe of your five favorite dishes without looking? The answer is probably no, but that seems rather ridiculous, because the human brain is very good at memorizing stuff.
In fact, most of the kids previously learned everything by rote memorization. Today it seems rather hostile to make kids memorize things, because there's really no need to; they can always look it up online, the information is always there.
Now then, the reason I bring up this subject is recently our online think tank was talking about the fact that if you don't use your brain you will lose its ability. Whereas, if you don't use your brain for memorization, perhaps, you will use it for other things such as multitasking - nevertheless, your brain could do both very well, you don't have to choose.
Still, if you never use your ability to memorize things, pretty soon you won't be able to memorize anything. Sometimes it's important to memorize things, like grocery store lists, and things like that. So here's the question if you consider signing up for memory training, because you can't remember things like you used to, it's probably not because you have onset Alzheimer's, but rather because of your personal tech toys. They're working against your memory training programs.
So, you can read all the books, listen to all the tapes, and go to all the seminars you want on how to memorize things better, but if you don't practice it, and you don't force yourself to memorize stuff, then eventually you won't be able to remember much of anything, even the important things. Please consider all this.

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